Mission Statement

By Jon

Welcome to the Strength Exchange!  The mission is to generate informative and practical knowledge that you, the end user, can apply to your fitness, strength, and performance training goals. Between both “under the bar” experience as well as a thorough background in anatomy and exercise physiology, I will address structural imbalances/movement deficiencies, as well as proper training technique and program development. These are all critical components in maximizing your performance, both in the short and long term. And here, at the Strength Exchange, that is the bottom line – Taking your performance to the next level each and every day! In particular, the main goals are to:

– Develop better quality of movement, training techniques and practices, while influencing the way people train

– Develop and create innovative concepts in fitness,strength and performance training goals

– Advance and improve the knowledge base of trainers

– Encourage the use of evidence-based practice and approaches


  1. Jason Griggs says:

    I enjoyed reading the interview you did back in March for strength and conditioning research on the benefits of Eccentrics. I felt it encapsulated all the aspects of eccentric exercise very well. My company makes a piece of equipment that allows a consistent amount of weight in both the concentric and eccentric phases of the repetition and it adapts to equipment already in use in most weight rooms and gyms.

    I’d enjoy talking with you about your experience using eccentrics if you have the time.