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Great review paper that concluded that muscular strength can be elicited with ECCENTRIC (vs.concentric or isometric) actions to greater activate control and memory of movement in both the parietal and frontal lobe of the brain, which ultimately can better stimulate motor performance.

Muscle Confusion Debunked

Posted: 22nd April 2013 by Jon in Exercise and Fitness, Movement

For some reason, you still hear about the concept of ‘Muscle Confusion” concerning many fitness programs and routines. Frankly, I’m really tired of it and wish it would just die! It seems like confusion is the “state of mind’ of most gyms today and seems to be common practice in the fitness industry.

Static contraction training (consisting mainly of isometric training) can be an effective and powerful training tool, especially if it’s utilized over a variety of angles. An isometric muscle contraction refers to exerting muscular tension without producing an actual movement or a change in muscle length. However, it is seldom used because the overwhelming majority of […]

Muscular contractions can be characterized by two primary actions—concentric and eccentric contractions. When the force produced by the muscle exceeds the force applied to the muscle, the muscle will shorten or act concentrically, which typically occurs when you drive up from the bottom of a squat. When the force applied to a muscle exceeds that produced […]