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Every year, it’s the same trend; lose weight and lose fat. Although weight loss and fat loss are used interchangeably, they differ in their long-term effect, and elicit different training and lifestyle implications.

In Part 1 of this series, we thoroughly examined the real truth about energy systems, their classification, specifics of each energy system, correct terminology used, and most important, how each energy system is interconnected and contributes to one another for energy provisions.

Everywhere you look on any given day of any given week, you’re constantly bombarded with an assortment of never-ending products that claim to change your life. There are supplements that are 3000-percent better than creatine; advertisements, endorsements and celebrity interviews for obtaining Jennifer Aniston’s abs; methods for dropping 15 pounds with Beyoncé’s Master Cleanse Lemonade; […]

Lift to Lose

Posted: 5th September 2012 by Jon in Exercise and Fitness, Fat Loss, Strength

Check out the September 2012 issue of Experience Life Mag. I’m featured in the Lift to Lose article, and provided much insight in the ‘Healthy Hormones’ section. Gotta throw in the hormone names too 🙂 Great article by Andrew Heffernan. Very cool to be in the same article along with Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove.