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Great review paper that concluded that muscular strength can be elicited with ECCENTRIC (vs.concentric or isometric) actions to greater activate control and memory of movement in both the parietal and frontal lobe of the brain, which ultimately can better stimulate motor performance.

Every year, it’s the same trend; lose weight and lose fat. Although weight loss and fat loss are used interchangeably, they differ in their long-term effect, and elicit different training and lifestyle implications.

In Part 1 of this series, we thoroughly examined the real truth about energy systems, their classification, specifics of each energy system, correct terminology used, and most important, how each energy system is interconnected and contributes to one another for energy provisions.

We are flooded with a variety of training techniques that are meant to assist you in taking your program to the next level. Many of these techniques leave you with minimal results and take the place of a well-designed program. By far, the one training technique that I see misinterpreted the most is rest-pause training. This may […]