By Jon

Jonathan Mike –PhD (c) CSCS, USAW, NSCA-CPT, studied exercise physiology at the University of New Mexico in (Albuquerque). I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY. I served as strength and conditioning assistant at Western Kentucky University for two years (2003-2005) helping to train athletes in baseball, softball, track, and swimming. In 2006, I was also a strength and conditioning assistant at the University of Louisville for the sports of women’s soccer, softball, men’s soccer, and field hockey. In addition, I have also worked at UofL within the campus health initiative program.

Furthermore, I am a frequent contributor and guest host for Iron Radio (www.ironradio.org), where I often discuss a variety of topics about strength sports and sports nutrition.

I am a member of the NSCA Certification Exam Developing Committee (NSCA-CPT), and have co-authored a recent book chapter in Dietary Protein and Resistance Training (May 2012), and recently wrote three more book chapters for an upcoming Personal Training Textbook for 2014. In addition, I have co-authored many articles on a variety of topics in IDEA Fitness Journal and have authored articles for other online sites and numerous consumer magazines including Oxygen Mag, Experienced Life,  and Muscle and Body. I’m also a monthly writer for Muscle Mag International as well as a columnist and team member for Elitefts, I have co-authored an article for Strength and Conditioning Journal for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) (October 2012), and  currently pursuing another article for NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal in addition to other articles in the works.

As an exercise physiologist, strength coach, writer, and strongman competitor, I have a passion for exercise, performance training,and a passion to  educate and empower others. I have been lifting and training heavy for 14 years and have been competing in the sport of Strongman since 2007, and qualified for the National Competition in 2009. I am certified through USAW (Level 1 Sports Performance Coach), and certified through NSCA (CSCS and NSCA-CPT).

I have a broad knowledge of Exercise Physiology, as my areas of interest include Strength and Power Performance, Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement, Exercise and Energy Metabolism, Neuromuscular Physiology, Exercise Endocrinology, and Performance Enhancing Drugs. In addition, assessing and correcting movement dysfunction, mobility, stability, and enhancing functional movement, and movement patterns.

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