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Foam Rolling Study

Posted: 14th May 2012 by Jon in Exercise and Fitness, Movement, Strength

 And we’re off! Here’s an initial study on effects of foam rolling.   Foam Rolling Study However, it was a small sample size, but an important first step for this research. In addition, the first thing I looked for was the authors. Behm is great researcher who has provided exceptional papers and reviews on a […]

New Protein Book!

Posted: 2nd May 2012 by Jon in Strength

Dietary Protein and Resistance Training   Here it is! The Most Electrifying Book on Protein and Resistance Training! Got my complimentary copy! I feel honored and humbled that I was also mentioned with others in the acknowledgments section as well. This book is the uncut scientific truth about the role of dietary protein in athletes. Separating Fact […]